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Rotomolding plastic container industry development in the next five years

Release Date : 2016/9/5 10:20:20
Rotomolding molding, as a process for forming hollow plastic products, has been widely used in furniture, gardens, amusement facilities, leisure sports, vehicle accessories, transportation facilities, electrical equipment, medical food and defense military, etc. The plastics industry has become a research hotspot in the processing of polymer materials. At present, the level of rotomolding technology in China is relatively low, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The concept is backward; 2. The rotomolding equipment is generally backward; 3. The quality of rotomolding mold is low; 4. The quality of rotomolding product is poor; Rokagen talent shortage.
The rotomolding industry has a very good trend forecast relative to other plastic products industry. At present, the country is actively promoting the environmental protection policy of plastic-based steel to replace wood. In the near future, it will be a versatile rotation. world. On the one hand, rotomolding should make breakthroughs in automation level technology, and on the other hand, it must work hard on energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, the rotomolding industry can achieve sustainable development. With the continuous improvement of the rotomolding process, it has increasingly become a highly competitive plastic molding process.
The development of China's rotomolding industry is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas. The domestic rotomolding industry represented by Zhejiang is the fastest growing, from scratch, to everywhere. The advantage lies in its superior geographical advantages, convenient transportation by sea and land, strong support from the government, mature introduction of rotomolding technology, operation based on B2B platform, low factory rent and machinery and equipment, and distribution center of human resources and talents. The development of the plastics industry.
When it comes to the development of the rotomolding industry in Zhejiang, I have to talk about Hangzhou Bay. Hangzhou Bay is adjacent to Zhoushan and Beilun Port; west to Shaoxing, east to Ningbo, north to Jiaxing and Shanghai; geographically located in the geometric centers of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou and other big cities, with convenient transportation and developed economy . The Hangzhou Bay Industrial Belt is one of the origins of the rotomolding industry. There are many rotomolding enterprises here, taking the development of Ningbo Xinyuandong Plastic Container Co., Ltd. as an example.
Ningbo Xinyuandong Plastic Container Co., Ltd. has been rooted in Hangzhou Bay for more than ten years. The company is a professional manufacturer of super-large plastic containers. The main products are PE water tank, medicine tank, sulfuric acid storage tank and chemical container. , Rotomolding float ball, sea float ball, large floating body, shaped floating body, float, floating bucket, rotomolding guardrail, construction fence, fence, plastic integrated septic tank. Baitai Plastic Container Co., Ltd. introduces foreign advanced technology and adopts imported food PE raw materials. It is the advantage enterprise with the best product quality, complete categories and varieties in mainland China. Beautiful and smooth inside and outside, no welding, seamless, non-toxic, tasteless, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, impact-resistant, high-temperature resistant (60 degrees Celsius), freeze-resistant (-30 degrees Celsius), no leakage, not easy to aging, no maintenance and cleaning, Easy to install and transport. The products are all over mainland China, and the life of the water tank products is up to 25 years, and it is not easy to scale. It is well-known in Hangzhou.
The development prospects of the rotomolding industry are self-evident. The future will be bright. Rotomolding products will replace metal crafts into thousands of households and become a necessity in people's lives. This is not just a trend, but a trend. A trend, let us wait and see!

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